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Confessions of a Jinnar [entries|friends|calendar]
Red West Manon

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Locked [05 May 2012|11:58am]
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All personal entries are locked. Only ones shared on communities are viewable to the public.
If you wanted to know something regarding my piano arrangements, check the post below.

♥ Fangirling. KAT-TUN. NEWS.
♥ Complaining about school.
♥ Akanishi Jin.

Don't add me if you're a bandwagon jumper.
Don't want to see 'hate' posts. Constructive criticism is fine though :]

1. How did you find me?
2. What do we have in common?

Make sure your LJ is like...a real one. Not one just to follow comms, aka no posts/one post only. I really want to read your stuff too XD~ Or else I might not add FYI..

Banner creds to hamstaball

**INVITE ONLY for now because I cannot keep up with my f-list at all. Please do not add me right now ^^**...unless you'll be going to UCLA but what are the chances of that.
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The ultimate piano music post! [03 May 2012|11:50pm]
Hi! If you guys were searching up my piano arrangements, I've put everything in here ^__^ That way I never have to post these things again, and this will also be the main post where I will update all the songs as I finish and refer back to them. The links will be all in MU because the others expire. If you want something reuploaded well then I guess you'll have to ask -_-;; but check around to make sure the links are working....

All piano songs:

1. Kizuna: Kamenashi Kazuya
2. Bokura no Machi de: KAT-TUN
3. Hoshi wo Mezashite: NEWS
4. Care: Akanishi Jin
5. Akaku Moyuru Taiyou: NEWS
6. Cool Whispers: THnK OST starring Kamenashi Kazuya
7. Murasaki: Akanishi Jin
8. Yubiwa: Yamashita Tomohisa
9. Le Ciel: KAT-TUN
10. Ai Nante: NEWS
11. Seishun Amigo: ShujixAkira

Listen and LinksCollapse )
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The Ultimate Sheet Music Post! [02 May 2012|11:34am]
The main sheet music post to prevent a crapload of separate public posts...
This is where I'll post up all sheet music that I've arranged. I will update this post depending on when I get something new done XD.

DA RULES: -creds Fairly Odd Parents
I’m not kidding XD. From start to finish, this took loads of effort. Please make an effort to say what you took or thanks at least every time you take something (because I will be adding on other sheets in the future) then I'll know my time was spent well :P You can STILL do it anonymous!
I never cared if you reposted the song files, but if you post these on other forums without asking me, and I find out…ask me in here- tell me which sheets and which forum. I don't mind sharing it's just I'd like to keep track~ If it's on LJ, feel free to upload and don't forget to credit (though actually prefer if you LINKED them to this post but oh well).
Um I wrote it. Don’t do it. Feel free to mark it up and play whatever the heck you want, but do not fix the actual score and post it up, calling it as your own or whatever. You’re not going to take someone’s fanfic and change two character names and call it your own right?

Sheet MusicCollapse )
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kuroki meisa jin [10 Feb 2012|12:22pm]
if my baby is really getting married....then it has truly been a long journey


I am finally at the age that Jin was when I became his fan....

on the other hand he's gettin some AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSsssss
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rant about jin fanmeet [08 Nov 2011|10:24pm]
fans aren't what they once were. i was unlucky and couldn't meet jin today but all these fobs got to and I still don't understand whats the point of meeting your american fans when the fans you meet ARE NOT AMERICAN!!

not to mention when i asked a girl if I could take a picture of her autograph and she gave me a bitchy "uh no. not right now" I mean...fans used to be nice and wouldn't care.

literally begged up the ladder but once i made it to jin's manager he said there's no way they could let more than 50 people meet him.
luckily his wife felt bad for me and gave me her card for the future...

i'm going to meet jin one day and it won't be just a meet and greet and then i'm going to laugh at all you other bitches, BITCHESSS

edit: holy shit can't believe i saw the guy who's in my dp. definitely not the same person
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NYU [03 Oct 2011|10:57pm]
Does anyone live in NEW YORK CITY and wouldn't mind letting me crash for potentially 2 nights? dental interviews i'll give you like..money...idk. will screen comments but PLEEEASE!!!
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HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAa [15 Sep 2011|11:47pm]

I'm writing to a non existent audience...perhaps the occasional update since I started this LJ SO LONG ago. I'm about to do my last year in college...wow...I remember when all I cared about was how/when I was going to meet Jin. Still do (sorta...), but I'm dating actually dating someone. He's really tall, really white, and the really the anti-everything this LS stood for. But he's a great person and he's going to be saving lots of lives one day.

Aiming to be a dentist right now. We'll see how that goes...till then gotta finish off this year strong just in case I need to take a year off. Yee bitches!

I hope everyone is doing well...please let me know if you're married now or have kids...haha!

Tons of love,
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rejoice, i shall hear murasaki's official recording [19 Jan 2011|07:33pm]
i know i am late with this but...

jin is really releasing murasaki on his eternal single?

...my...my favorite jin solo for so long ]: I honestly feel so sad now, because that song was SO long ago and I loved it SO MUCH and goddamn I'm just so old and out of JE >__<

don't matter, can't wait to hear the mp3s for these. I am very happy that both songs will be released at last..so crazy.
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going to hell [16 Dec 2010|01:55am]
i am going to hell
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its official [20 Jul 2010|10:20pm]
Making a post just to mark it in my memory. Jin writing it himself gave me total closure. And if he ever does a presscon about it, maybe it will sink in some more!

This LJ started because of KAT-TUN so....

I won't do any of those KT-TUN KAT-TUN KaT-TUN KUNTT stuff but...

I love you Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Taguchi Junnosuke, Tanaka Koki, Ueda Tatuya, Nakamaru Yuichi, no matter what path you guys decide to take. You helped me cope through the hard times these past few years and made me have some of the happiest times ever. I'm glad I saw all six of you in concert!!

Even if 5 of you are still in the same group, I think I realized it's time I acknowledge you all as individuals, regardless, and show my support and love for each and every one of you individually, instead of just by the group name as I have in the past (out of laziness).

Jin, be careful, and to Kame, Junno, Ueda, Maru, and Koki, continue to work hard! YESS KAT-TUN! I love you guys!
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jin what the FUUCkk RANT [19 Jul 2010|10:16pm]
DAMN how'd it get to this? Fans are INSAAAANE.

In recent news, I heard Jin was out and about.

Sigh. I know a lot of you on my f-list hate his guts now, which saddens me because man, back in the days when we all just loved KAT-TUN, it was so easy. I know Jin has his own life.....


Honestly, I don't care what the eff he wants to do, because he KNOWS the shit has hit the fan in Japan and ok, going away for a bit is nice and all, but making yourself visible in a not-necessarily negative-but-definitely-not-helpful-to-the-current-image will NOT help in terms of supporters.

I want to support him so badly, and I want others to support him, and others say they will support him, but the more irresponsible he is, the more wood there is to fuel the flames of those who don't want to. The titles of KAT-TUN and Johnny's Entertainment gave credibility to his name, and if he's not careful, no one is gonna give a shit about him in the future, and even worse, people will be embarrassed to be his fan because he digs himself into holes. He's going to lose all credibility with no support backing him up, and the fans that say they will support him and KAT-TUN will cease to support him because obviously he doesn't think too hard.

This honestly isn't a big deal, but seeing the reaction fans have already given, he needs to prevent these kinds of things in the future, and be careful about the things he says, his actions, and he needs to learn to read people. His actions and behavior were once tolerated because he was still under the credibility of KAT-TUN's name and people gave him the benefit of the doubt. But seeing how he might be leaving KT and the safety of that bubble, he needs to GET IT TOGETHER if he wants to become successful as a soloist.

Honestly, I'm still his supporter, but if he wants me and other non "JIN ONLY" fans to continue to support him, he needs to fucking shape up and pay attention to what's going on. I like you Jin, but I'm not biased, and I don't tolerate stupidity.

on the other hand, massu going to kt's con was cute. i haven't read fan reports in so long. I haven't posted so often about JE in so long too.
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[17 Jul 2010|12:50am]
honestly, i don't think many of the older fans care so much
we lost all emotion after he left the first time in 2006
cried and freaked out because we didn't know what he was doing

now this is like a piece of cake cuz we knew it was coming at some point >_>
i think i was more scared of jin leaving JE than KT because without JE it's OVER....unless he left JE I still don't know what's going on.
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HOW NOSTALGIC IS THIS [08 Jul 2010|11:56pm]

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BEST, NIGHT, EVER. [21 Jun 2010|01:19am]
Today....was AMAZING. A HUNDRED TIMES BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. And I am sure you guys will see once you read all the other posts. Why? Because Jin did such a great job connecting with the audience this time, and he MESSED UP. And when he MESSES UP, he does that little smile and laugh and it's just so JIN.

I was trying SO HARD to sell my noon tickets because I was like w/e, but when I watched it, I realized the noon concert was better than last night's. That made me think holy shit, tonight might be good. I spent most of the afternoon con just chilling in my seat watching the screen getting familiarized with the music this time before tonight's con. I was front row again, but two seats over. The front row was a younger crowd this time.

Before Christmas morning, he messed up on the date, and it was hilarious. He was like oh, I messed up again (because in the noon one he messed up as well). Shoes were untied, lights didn't turn on time....it was great stuff.

He was SO MUCH MORE INTO IT, and I think it was a combination of him being more comfortable now and also because its the last night. In his dancing, there was more detail and fluidity, his singing had extra passion, his presence was ten times more amazing. This is the Jin I definitely remember, and I felt the craziness so much from the audience and so much on stage. He also attempted to speak more English, and it was just hilarious stuff. Totally loved it. Lots of smiles and laughs and like his usual yelling random stuff into the mic...I was totally into it, dancing and yelling, and so was the audience.

The dancers were HELLA funny, I LOOOOVE DESHON!! I spent half of my time screaming for him, Joey Tee, all the girls, Dominic, BOOBIE HAHA.

Best part? You know that nasty sweat napkin they throw into the crowd before the hip hop dance? WELL....FUCK YEAH I GOT THAT. It was wet, because Jin was sweating like a mofo. I'm not sure if I should be proud that I have it because who can share it? My family was less than impressed. And that's cuz Kris got his attention and I was yelling out his name, and he pointed at me and threw it to me. Deshon was pointing at us a lot too and Joey Tee laughed when me and Kris were yelling out for him. Kris says Shunpei kept looking at us o_o which I didn't notice at all...

The reason we yelled a lot was because this is an American concert, and we were totally supporting the dancers as well as Jin. I totally let loose, because its the last night and I paid so much. I'm sure Jin noticed Kris and I, as Deshon pointed us out, but with that master JE training, he was skillful in avoiding eye contact. You think he looks at you, but he's staring in the space above your head most of the time. The screen dance had a light malfunction, and it was improvised, which Jin was being silly in and put shoes on his hands and smelled his fingers? GROSS. His face was priceless though. HE came out in the end again after all of our screaming and yelling :] I WANNA GO TO ANOTHER CON!!

Honestly, there's no need for those Japanese songs. The silly and playful Jin came through, mixed with the hotness. His dancing wasn't as stiff and reminded me of his "style" of dancing, his own unique personality. Tonight Jin let himself shine through as opposed to everyone else overshadowing him. I can honestly say I was satisfied, and I felt closure from the first, shaky opening concert. And I got my pic with Sky Hoffman and shook hands with all the dancers so it was good. CLOSURE. I feel happy to be a Jin fan, and I will see the concert again. Maybe not the first one though ahah.

HOLY SHIT....it just hit me. After all those years of like OMG I WANNA GET SOMETHING OF JINS...I finally have! As NASTY as it is OMGAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

Howevever big question of the night...despite my happiness...what is he doing about KT while he's on tour? He'll be back end of the year probably before new years huh?
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=___________= [20 Jun 2010|09:00am]
some people kinda need to get off their high horse in thinking i should be happy for jin because he loves western music and this is what he wants and he's happy doing this blah blah.

but if what he loves and what he does is to the extent of drinking and partying only, then by all means Jin will be the most shallow guy ever.

but we know he is capable of beautiful lyrics and songs, so why don't people realize that?

I don't think the old Jin was fake, I think the new Jin is trying too hard.

and why won't they realize because i am so supportive of jin and because i am so happy for him that he does what he wants, I only want the best for him? I want people to see his full talent, and that is his voice, whether it be english, japanese, hip hop, ballad, w/e, and his capability to interact with audience and to make them FEEL. To make them feel his music, and there are so many hip hop and rap artists that make us FEEL through their powerful songs. I guess I'll blame it on the English barrier.

goddamn, stop getting all poop on the encores and jp song.
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Jin Concert Review [20 Jun 2010|02:13am]
If you haven't watched the con yet DO NOT READ! I don't want to influence you in any way!

After 4 and a half years of being in the Jin fandom (well, KAT-TUN but let's use Jin for You&Jin purposes), I can honestly say I was excited for this concert. Well, it didn't really hit me that I was going to see Jin (for those of you who know me I was a HUGE JINNAR way back when). Don't scream at me for saying I hate Jin, because if I hated him, I wouldn't have gone to his concert or bought the tickets that I bought.

Needless to say, I was disappointed.

I take that back, the show met my expectations, which is why I was disappointed XD. It was everything I thought it was going to be...aka really Americanized and all auto-tuned. I know a lot of fans are like OMGAD IT WAS SO GREAT, but being the fan that I am, I am comfortable in saying what I really think, and I think Jin could have done a lot better.

My friend and I were straight up front row as well, so to say that we were kinda blah for part of the show is saying something. Don't get me wrong, it was still FUN because it was front row, but if I honestly sat somewhere else, I would have been semi bored. HOLY SHIT WHERE DID ALL THE JAPANESE FANS COME FROM!? By the way, a lot of people were standing, and if you're short, that's too bad ahah!

I'm not going to give a point by point review, but I just wanted to say that going to this concert, it's very very hard to get the vibe that one would get in a KAT-TUN concert. Jin's main aim was to do everything NON related to Japanese or KAT-TUN, or JE in anyway (except for his dance moves AHA those were SOO JE), so if anyone was wondering why there was no shout out to KAT-TUN, wonder no more.

I'm not saying OMG I NEED IT TO BE JAPANESEY....nope. But the issue was that Jin hid everything that made him Jin. He hid his beautiful voice by auto-tuning every song except Lovejuice, Wonder, and maybe one other one, he hid his face under sunglasses, a hat, and his long hair, and he didn't bother to sing a Japanese song (though we had been forewarned). He came out looking nasties because I couldn't see his face haha, but omg GREAT sunglasses and AWESOME WATCH. The boy really knows how to accessorize still, no matter how long he wants to grow his hair to.

As well, he didn't do much interaction with audience, as he felt it was more necessary to be cool on stage and chill with dah homies instead. And worst of all...he had an INTERMISSION at the CONCERT, instead of an MC or something. TOTALLY KILLED IT. Who does that?! Not in Japan or America! Ahah. I honestly think his English is still bad (that's what the stagehand I talked to said) and he didn't want to say anything, and that's why his music is auto-toned. No ballads either, which I feel are what encompass his beautiful voice. There was a bit of Eternal melody in the beginning but...NOOOO!! That's it. No encore because of the stage hands said NO (COME ON ARE YOU SERIOUS =___=). Even the director asked him if they had encores in America and he said "sometimes yes sometimes no." Do us a favor and just say yesss DX

I feel that because he can break free from JE this time in America, he felt it was necessary to put in a lot of drinking topics into his songs, as well end the first half of his music by going to a bar, as well as drinking on stage. I was like uh ok it's really unnecessary. Songs had GREAT beats. Yellow Gold was so great! I could dance the night away to Jin's songs. He really knows how to pick great song backgrounds <33

The best part was the dancing, which I congratulated Sky Hoffman and the choreography team on afterwards, as they did a great job. One of the best parts of the con was Joey Tee, who I might add is SOOO CUTE now that he's grown up. I used to think he was a little punk ass but he's grown rather well, and my eyes were glued to him when they weren't glued on Jin. Joey Tee was totally sporting the JE look which was HILARIOUS. OH AND JIN'S PIKACHU GUY FROM THE PHOTO WAS THERE. DA EFF? At least I think that was him?

All in all, I still had a really great time! In terms of it being a concert of course. It was fun, and there was a lot of energy on stage, and Jin looked like he was having fun :] In terms of having fun because it was Jin? Not really, because I felt so cut off from him in terms of seeing him or hearing him (there were no "put you hands up!" and things like that that he would usually do, which made me know most was lipsynched), I didn't feel like HOLY SHIT ITS JIN ON STAGE!! If you go, you're not going to get the feeling you get when you watch him on screen, because it's much more Americanized. Just letting you know!

Fun? Yes. Memorable? If you're like me and you love the old Jin who wasn't bent over backwards on being so ~cool~ on stage with his krew and his alch, no, unless you're like in the first few rows. Btw one of the staff guys told me Jin and the others party like hella on Saturday nights. HAHA. Everyone that I ran across says Jin is a great guy and he's super nice. Time to sleep, I have to go back to LA tomorrow...I can't wait for the evening show !!

Jin, no matter what, I totally love you ♥ ♥ can't wait to watch you again.
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[18 Jun 2010|10:23pm]

it is the day before Jin's concert...and I don't even really know what songs he's singing

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[13 Jun 2010|12:16pm]
ALRIGHT i made an official SALES POST


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[04 Jun 2010|09:20am]
is anyone on my f-list wanting to buy a bunch of JE stuff??

KAT-TUN, Jin, all the goodies.

Haha~ money is gonna go towards my future trip to Japan yuhhh
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PLEASEE [03 Jun 2010|12:34am]
HEY can everyone just click on this link for me?? you don't have to watch it, i just need it (its for a chem class)

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[16 Apr 2010|11:10am]

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[25 Mar 2010|10:10pm]
I support kat-tun meaning I WILL have to support what all 6 of them do, whether it be individually or as a group. I might hate it at first, but I don't believe in this nonsense where people say I'm not going to support X member because he's doing this or that. You know why? because you're not supporting kat-tun, you're only supporting kat-tun - X.

The more the fans break up over these things and break ties with those who support or don't support his decision, the weaker the fanbase becomes and kat-tun will crumble under the weak fanbase. I want to say it was a FUCKING retarded idea of Johnny to allow Jin to come... but Johnny isn't a fucking idiot, there's a reason why he does all the shit that he does and that's to make JE and KAT-TUN bigger. If Jin gets known in the states, KAT-TUN and the rest of JE might get more air.

Honestly, there is no right or wrong in this, there's only business, and that's what JE is all about. That's what I learned in my years of grief over things Jin and JE, and I learned I really had to enclose my true feelings, which is my anger that Jin really isn't at least going back in participating in the Asia tour, and leaves KTTUN to do it themselves... Inside I know KT will never be like Arashi, where none of their members would go on a whimsical ditch to the states to make it big solo. I'm seriously torn in this situation, between my happiness that Jin gets to do what he wants, versus my unhappiness that this is yet another break in KAT-TUN.

But I think KTTUN will be stronger than before, just like the last time Jin left. He really is of no use to them sometimes, as a group. Musically, perhaps, but as a team, not really.

I hope no one defriends me because fandom and friends goes way back further than just what Jin has decided to do recently. As fans you go through these things together.
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SO he comes back to LA?! [24 Mar 2010|07:49pm]
I am wondering if I should go pick up a Jin hiatus newspaper (if such exists here right now in America)

I mean...4 years ago I picked up the one from 2006

Brooke_ueda peaceofmouse, once upon a time, I sent you the jin's hiatus paper (hence I met you). Want to return the favor and somehow get me one regarding him and his con over here in LA :D pleeease?

So I understand everyone is mad at Jin for leaving KAT-TUN. Yeah he's a selfish bitch =_=, he's always been like that. Before everyone was sad and now everyone is just mad xD I'm sure I would be too, except for the fact that that selfish biotch is coming to LA, where I can easily go see him. And I'm gonna damn well try to see him because I didn't invest all those years NOT to go to his concert when I have the opportunity to do so!

I wish KT would come do a random ass con here or something, that would be so great xD. Till then, I'll be happy with the fact that Jin is gonna be on my turf ;] now that I'm in college maybe I'll see him around the area. I'll do anything to get into that concert, regardless of how caught up I am with him ahaha.

It's times like these that I'm glad I'm not so deep into KAT-TUN at this point (though I still love them), because I'd be in denial about the fact that Jin doesn't care, and that would hurt too much for me >_<

Edit: I semi hate him now. He's half killing what I loved DX but I can't not go. It's like a mom with her son, even if her son is a horrible person she's gotta love him. Ok not really. But still...ugh Jin you cause people a lot of heartache, and I KNOW you realize it, and you don't care, which is the worst part.
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[30 Jan 2010|08:37pm]
KAT-TUN's Love Yourself PV looks like a on ground night version of NEWS' Hoshi wo Mezashite with hearts and more elaborate costumes. Sigh. I don't think I like this song very much or Jin's look xD

And when did the YOUTUBE vid links get so HQ!??? Omggg whaat when I was a kid the video quality was crap blah blah

Sigh I'm pretty bored of school right now, it's almost my birthday in a few days...oh man

Forgot to mention that it's now 4 years since I i got into JE (as of the 24th) I still got mah goals, going to Johnny's Countdown one year Hollaaah.
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