My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?


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If you wanted to know something regarding my piano arrangements, check the post below.

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My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

The ultimate piano music post!

Hi! If you guys were searching up my piano arrangements, I've put everything in here ^__^ That way I never have to post these things again, and this will also be the main post where I will update all the songs as I finish and refer back to them. The links will be all in MU because the others expire. If you want something reuploaded well then I guess you'll have to ask -_-;; but check around to make sure the links are working....

All piano songs:

1. Kizuna: Kamenashi Kazuya
2. Bokura no Machi de: KAT-TUN
3. Hoshi wo Mezashite: NEWS
4. Care: Akanishi Jin
5. Akaku Moyuru Taiyou: NEWS
6. Cool Whispers: THnK OST starring Kamenashi Kazuya
7. Murasaki: Akanishi Jin
8. Yubiwa: Yamashita Tomohisa
9. Le Ciel: KAT-TUN
10. Ai Nante: NEWS
11. Seishun Amigo: ShujixAkira

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My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

The Ultimate Sheet Music Post!

The main sheet music post to prevent a crapload of separate public posts...
This is where I'll post up all sheet music that I've arranged. I will update this post depending on when I get something new done XD.

DA RULES: -creds Fairly Odd Parents
I’m not kidding XD. From start to finish, this took loads of effort. Please make an effort to say what you took or thanks at least every time you take something (because I will be adding on other sheets in the future) then I'll know my time was spent well :P You can STILL do it anonymous!
I never cared if you reposted the song files, but if you post these on other forums without asking me, and I find out…ask me in here- tell me which sheets and which forum. I don't mind sharing it's just I'd like to keep track~ If it's on LJ, feel free to upload and don't forget to credit (though actually prefer if you LINKED them to this post but oh well).
Um I wrote it. Don’t do it. Feel free to mark it up and play whatever the heck you want, but do not fix the actual score and post it up, calling it as your own or whatever. You’re not going to take someone’s fanfic and change two character names and call it your own right?

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My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

kuroki meisa jin

if my baby is really getting married....then it has truly been a long journey


I am finally at the age that Jin was when I became his fan....

on the other hand he's gettin some AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSsssss
My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

rant about jin fanmeet

fans aren't what they once were. i was unlucky and couldn't meet jin today but all these fobs got to and I still don't understand whats the point of meeting your american fans when the fans you meet ARE NOT AMERICAN!!

not to mention when i asked a girl if I could take a picture of her autograph and she gave me a bitchy "uh no. not right now" I used to be nice and wouldn't care.

literally begged up the ladder but once i made it to jin's manager he said there's no way they could let more than 50 people meet him.
luckily his wife felt bad for me and gave me her card for the future...

i'm going to meet jin one day and it won't be just a meet and greet and then i'm going to laugh at all you other bitches, BITCHESSS

edit: holy shit can't believe i saw the guy who's in my dp. definitely not the same person
My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?


Does anyone live in NEW YORK CITY and wouldn't mind letting me crash for potentially 2 nights? dental interviews i'll give you will screen comments but PLEEEASE!!!
My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?



I'm writing to a non existent audience...perhaps the occasional update since I started this LJ SO LONG ago. I'm about to do my last year in remember when all I cared about was how/when I was going to meet Jin. Still do (sorta...), but I'm dating actually dating someone. He's really tall, really white, and the really the anti-everything this LS stood for. But he's a great person and he's going to be saving lots of lives one day.

Aiming to be a dentist right now. We'll see how that goes...till then gotta finish off this year strong just in case I need to take a year off. Yee bitches!

I hope everyone is doing well...please let me know if you're married now or have kids...haha!

Tons of love,
My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

rejoice, i shall hear murasaki's official recording

i know i am late with this but...

jin is really releasing murasaki on his eternal single? favorite jin solo for so long ]: I honestly feel so sad now, because that song was SO long ago and I loved it SO MUCH and goddamn I'm just so old and out of JE >__<

don't matter, can't wait to hear the mp3s for these. I am very happy that both songs will be released at crazy.
My favorite Jin icon. Who made it?

its official

Making a post just to mark it in my memory. Jin writing it himself gave me total closure. And if he ever does a presscon about it, maybe it will sink in some more!

This LJ started because of KAT-TUN so....

I won't do any of those KT-TUN KAT-TUN KaT-TUN KUNTT stuff but...

I love you Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Taguchi Junnosuke, Tanaka Koki, Ueda Tatuya, Nakamaru Yuichi, no matter what path you guys decide to take. You helped me cope through the hard times these past few years and made me have some of the happiest times ever. I'm glad I saw all six of you in concert!!

Even if 5 of you are still in the same group, I think I realized it's time I acknowledge you all as individuals, regardless, and show my support and love for each and every one of you individually, instead of just by the group name as I have in the past (out of laziness).

Jin, be careful, and to Kame, Junno, Ueda, Maru, and Koki, continue to work hard! YESS KAT-TUN! I love you guys!